Editor, Gazette:

In a recent Letter to the Editor, the author implores voters to use his attribute list to gauge the Presidential candidates. The context of part of the letter dismisses President Trump. Much of the rest praises former Vice-president Biden. I’m not against impeccable reputations – we need more – but even implying Biden has one is an utter falsehood. Biden thus fails the “attribute test”, which disqualifies him. So, neither major party candidate, by the author’s definitions, meets his approval, and therefore shouldn’t meet ours. Upon what then, does the choice rest?

As in choosing investments, one can consider past performance and trends. Translating to politics, we’ll consider actions and positions. Let’s directly compare several, Biden vs Trump, in that order right down the line. Kiss up to Iran’s toxic leadership vs extricate us from a thoroughly phony and dangerous “deal”. Denounce stopping the influx of probable disease carriers from China vs use sound common sense to stem the tide from the source early on. Offer a tepid and very belated discrediting of the “protestors” and associated lawlessness because the teleprompter says so (while his running mate actively seeks bail for criminals) vs provide unwavering and outspoken support of our Military, the Thin Blue Line, and Law and Order. Use your convention to sully and demonize America vs acknowledge that the USA has its faults but also present strong evidence it really is GREAT and we’re striving to make it even better. Adhere to Marxist economy-killing, freedom-stifling dogma vs continue unleashing one of the greatest benefactors in mankind’s history – free market capitalism. Be the front man for and under the control of party leadership that wants to transform the USA from the shining city on the hill to a dismal, soulless, insignificant historical artifact vs being unabashedly proud of and for America, extolling us to make it even better, while supporting our friends (Israel, etc.).

Don’t rely solely on my opinion. Get on YouTube and check out Larry Elder, Candace Owens, Thomas Sowell (I miss seeing his columns in the Gazette), Dr. Walter E. Williams, and Milton Friedman. Warning: for mature audiences only – these folks succinctly and thoroughly destroy any liberal and leftist ideology they encounter. The above list is very incomplete; there are many other very capable men and women of similar thought as well – praise the Lord!

While online, visit Law Enforcement Today for insight into the Law Enforcement community. Hint: somewhat different content than on Fake News.

I am just one of many that weighs actions and positions. We see things as they are, not as most of the media portrays. We recognize deliberate attempts to mischaracterize, silence, and cancel Conservative voices and values. We know President Trump is not perfect – no one is. We certainly will choose wisely of the two major party candidates. The man that is best by far to Make and Keep America Great – President Donald J. Trump!

Wade Reffner


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