The anti-Biden letters to the editor in the Gazette seem to be from people who don’t think about the issues for themselves, but who mindlessly parrot Trumpist propaganda (and Russian propaganda) without ever asking whether any of it is true. A paragraph in Frank Cullen’s August 22nd letter about senility, socialism, crime and guns is one example. Seventy former Republican National Security officials who served under four Republican presidents endorsed Democratic nominee Joe Biden a few weeks ago, citing President Trump’s “corrupt behavior that renders him unfit to serve as president.” They set forth 10 reasons why Trump “has failed our country,” including damaging “America’s role as a world leader,” proving “unfit to lead during a national crisis,” having “aligned himself with dictators” like North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and Russia’s Vladimir Putin, and having “imperiled America’s security by mismanaging his national security team.” Twenty Seven Republican former members of congress (including Jeff Flake, Charlie Dent, and John Warner) have also come out in favor of Biden. Before you just repeat Trumpist propaganda, shouldn’t you ask yourself if all these prominent people, who are neither stupid nor socialist, might be worth paying attention to.

Robert Barnes’ September 17th letter is another example. He attacks Biden for supporting higher taxes without mentioning that this applies only to people making over $400,000, He falsely claims the Democrats support open borders He refers to defunding or eliminating the police which Biden does not support. He refers to Medicare for all which he doesn’t show would be a bad thing, but is not supported by Biden anyway. Before every presidential election there is an attempt to panic gun owners that Democrat s will take their guns away but none of this ever happens, not that Democrats don’t want some sensible regulations. Anybody who has listened to Trump’s incoherent ramblings and chooses to question Biden’s mental capacity is just echoing Russian propaganda. As for electric cars, Shumer wishes to encourage use of electric cars, not require them. Why can’t you Trumpers use your brains and independent research and not just use one finger to hit copy and paste on right-wing propaganda.

The one indisputable fact is that 10s of thousand more Americans have died from Covid 19 and continue to die than would have if someone else. Republican or Democrat, had been president. Donald Trump chose to ignore information that showed we needed an effective nationwide strategy to combat the pandemic that a president would support 100% and with enthusiasm. Trump is responsible for 10s of thousands of deaths. Do you really want to vote for him?

S. E. Cup, a conservative commentator (not a socialist), came out in support of Biden writing that in “Biden’s goodness, his character, his love for country and for other people...felt so much more important (than some policy disagreements)….After four years of a corrupt, unethical, narcissistic, racist, sexist, bullying, shaming, vengeful, spiteful, greedy, needy, lying jerk in the White House, goodness has been gone for too long.”

Robert Van Wyk


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