Editor, Gazette:

Intermittently, throughout history, obsessive cults have acted in a destructive manner in pursuit of a theoretical purification of society. Such fanatical groups often attempt to institute dictatorial regimes which force everyone to accept party edicts without question.

Anyone foolish enough to be skeptical of the clique’s righteousness is labeled as ignorant, heretical or, in today’s vernacular, racist. Consequently the only viable solution to indoctrinate non-believers is reeducation to ensure correct thinking is achieved. If that fails, severe punishment must follow.

The Spanish Inquisition and the Salem witch trials are notable examples of zealots run amuck.

Black Lives Matter is a contemporary organization desperately striving for political power. Like other dogmatic fringe groups, BLM will not tolerate anyone impertinent enough to refuse to bend to their will.

BLM receives valuable support from mindless media personalities, guilt ridden celebrities and progressives attempting to burnish their sensitivity credentials. They humbly apotheosize BLM as altruistic paragons intent on exorcising America’s current demons and forcing recalcitrant sinners to admit to their past crimes of white privilege. (White privilege is the trendy catch phrase for the left. It has to be included in all their confessionals to verify that they are thinking subserviently.)

It is entertaining to see white liberals genuflecting before every black person they meet and atoning for every racist act they may or may not have committed.

If self humiliation and public ridicule lead to racial salvation, many progressives have successfully made that conversion in the last few weeks.

It has been well established that liberal compassion knows no bounds if it is considered politically correct and the television cameras are rollings. Many become possessed with situational empathy so powerful that it contradicts a previously inalienable decree.

Our fickle Governor Wolf thought it was so dangerous for citizens to open businesses or meet in large groups that he prohibited people from making a living or assembling for religious or political activities. He even lectured the “cowards” who did not acknowledge his omnipotence.

However, he ignored his own mandates and participated in a massive protest march to show solidarity with BLM. While our feckless governor was enthusiastically marching, he appeared oblivious to the catastrophic rioting and looting in Philadelphia.

BLM and their satellite groups are very effective lobbyists. They have coerced multiple governmental bodies into removing Civil War era statues they found offensive. In order to demonstrate their burgeoning political prowess through historical cleansing, BLM will eventually have to demand the destruction of the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial and Mount Rushmore because they honor slave holders.

Some media are voluntarily purging editors and writers BLM might find racist. Television shows are being cancelled and movies are being edited to accommodate the perceptions of a domineering progressive minority.

It is difficult to estimate how long this capitulation to unAmerican values will continue. BLM, antifa and other destructive factions will thrive until mayors, governors and, most importantly, the American people demand that laws be obeyed by everyone.

Any level of government that cannot uniformly protect the people and their property has no reason to exist. Citizens do not pay taxes in order to fear for their lives and watch their life’s work being destroyed.

Charles C. Mowry II


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