Editor, Gazette: 

To all those multi-millionaire professional athletes, owners and managers in the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL who feel the need to preach social justice to me from every sideline, dugout, courtside, playing field, helmet, sock, shoe and goal line, from the beginning of a game to the end, let me suggest this: If you really want to accomplish social justice and equality, how about taking a big chunk of the salaries you “earn” in the form of a pay cut. Then, your teams can put that extra money toward social programs in your communities to benefit the folks you purportedly care about AND the teams can reduce their exorbitant ticket prices so those same folks can actually afford to attend a game or two. In the meantime, I certainly have better and less aggravating ways to spend my time then tuning into ANY of your games for the foreseeable future.

Diane R. Flaaen


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