Editor, Gazette:

John Joyce said in his statement to the House of Representatives in the early hours of January 7, that he took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. He must have skipped Article II, and the 15th Amendment. Those give the states the power to conduct elections without interference from Congress.

In objecting to the electors from Pennsylvania, Joyce was seeking to disenfranchise millions of voters who followed Pennsylvania election laws and voted freely, fairly, and legally. Their votes and the legal process were upheld by the Pennsylvania courts, including the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Yet Joyce, in acquiescing to the rumors, accusations, and conspiracy theories perpetuated the lie of voter fraud and an illegal election. His actions and accusations make him complicit in attacks on the United States Capitol on January 6, by insurgents seeking to overthrow the government of the United States, destroy U.S. property and harm Senators, Representatives, and even the Vice President of the United States.

How much of the destruction, how many of the lives lost could have been saved if these Senators and Representatives objecting to electors would have stood up for democracy and told the truth: There was no election fraud. The election was not stolen. Donald Trump lost the election. And he lost by a wide margin confirmed by recounts, audits, and the courts. Senator Pat Toomey stood up and told the truth. Election officials in Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, and Wisconsin stood up and told the truth and stood firmly in the truth despite unprecedented pressure, coercion, and threats.

For his actions that were contrary to the democracy we enjoy in America, John Joyce owes the voters, both Democrat and Republican, of the 13th District, Pennsylvania as a whole, and the United States of America an apology. That is the least he can do.

David F. Ollman

Alum Bank

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I agree with Mr. Ollman. The courts have spoken and the voters as well. John Joyce does indeed owe all voters an apology.

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