Editor, Gazette:

It would be fruitless to discuss all the claims by letter writer Joel Koontz, since they are not based on any factual evidence but are merely outlandish statements probably gleaned from various conspiracy groups. I’m surprised he didn’t accuse Biden of being a satanic pedophile cannibal, one of QAnon’s claims for Democrats.

But Mr. Koontz does invite anyone who could possibly doubt that Biden is mentally diminished to contact him. So here I am. With some facts!

In a recent Fox News poll on which candidate is better prepared, mentally and physically, to be president — 52% were in favor of Biden, only 45% for Trump. I don’t believe the Gazette allows me to put the URL if you want to check this statement, but you can easily find it with a Google search.

From what I could find on the Internet, no mental health professional has ever publicly stated that Biden has any mental health issues. Three mental health professionals, however, have stated clearly that Biden’s mental health “far exceeds” that of Trump. They clarified that “ ... Joe Biden does not show evidence of a psychiatric condition. There is no evidence in the public domain that he has a major mental illness. There is no evidence that he has a severe personality disorder. There is no evidence that alcohol or substance abuse is a problem. There is no evidence of serious cognitive dysfunction.”

In addition, a Yale psychiatrist named Bandy Lee published a collection of essays (“The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump”) written by 27 mental health experts that state that Trump is mentally and emotionally unfit for the most powerful office in the world. Ms. Lee stated that occasional Biden gaffes are of minor concern compared with the “...mental instability and such great cognitive decline” shown by Trump.

Finally there is Mary Trump, the President’s niece. Her recent tell-all book goes into great lengths describing the mental problems her Uncle has, and what caused them. Mary, let us not forget, has known Trump very well for many years — since they were children. And she holds a Ph. D. in clinical psychology. She’s a mental health professional.

And there’s plenty more if you search Google.

Robert Corrigan


Contact Will DeShong at wdeshong@bedfordgazette.com; 623-1151, ext. 150.

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I want to Thank Robert Corrigan for the great letter to the editor he posted in the Bedford Gazette on 10/1/2020. Keep those letter coming Robert, I have tried to post a few letters myself about the garbage our county residents are getting from the FOX people and then posting it in the gazette for uneducated people to read, but it seems the gazette doesn't want to have people see or hear the truth about the Super Spreader Trump and the corrupt GOP party that he has now formed over the last four years..

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