Editor, Gazette:

I enjoy reading the editorials in the Bedford Gazette each day. There is such a wide variety of opinions and the individuals that pen the editorials approach each topic from many different angles, some of which I agree with, some I disagree with, and some just make me smile. We all get our say, and even if it doesn’t mean much, it makes us feel better to be able to voice our side of an issue. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing.

I am writing this editorial in the hopes of getting Mr. Charles C. Mowry II to perhaps answer a couple of questions I have regarding his recent penning of an opinion regarding the Black Lives Matter movement. In his editorial, he wrote the term “unAmerican values” when describing the Black Lives Matter movement. I would hope you could define that for me. I am at a loss as to what it means. Since the United States is composed of people with such a plethora of cultures, religions, beliefs, and ideals, “American values” must mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, so I am having a hard time grasping the meaning of “unAmerican values”, especially when it is used to describe the Black Lives Matter movement.

Lastly, I wanted to find out from Mr. Mowry if he is for or against eliminating the governments, or at least the police forces, in any city where all the citizens do not feel safe and protected, and what exactly are the citizens supposed to feel safe and protected from? Just from each other, or the governments and police forces that are protecting them? Either way, I look forward to your answer should you choose to respond.

Lester C. Wallack III


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