Editor, Gazette:

I have been going to write something for almost a year now but feel it needs to be said now more than ever.

My husband was killed in a tragic accident last year on June 20th, and 2 police officers come to my door to inform me of his death. These 2 officers went far beyond their job duties that day. They came into my home, sat down and told me what happened. They could have then left, but they didn’t. I remember asking them if they had families, they said they did. So I told them to please tell them every day how much they loved them. I then asked them if either one of them was a Christian the one spoke up right away and said he was. I asked him if he would have prayer for me and he immediately did. He will never know how much that helped me that day.

They also called my 2 children and best friend, because they said they couldn’t leave me alone. So, they would stay till someone could come and be with me. They had a deep concern for me when I truly needed it. Did they have to do all of this? I don’t think so!

I am saying all this to let each of you know that all policemen are not bad. But, it seems they are all taking the blame for a few bad policemen.

Think about it. A bad person in a family doesn’t make the whole family bad. A bad person in a church doesn’t make the whole church bad. A bad person in a work place doesn’t make a bad company, and a bad policeman doesn’t make all the other policemen bad either.

I think we all as Americans need to be more thankful for our policemen and all others who serve our country laying their lives on the line each and every day for all of us.

They deserve our respect and prayers for all they do each and every day. I wouldn’t want to do their jobs, would you?

Betty Dull


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