Editor, Gazette:

I just received my Annual Notice of Change for 2021, I have a Medicare Advantage Plan with UPMC. I Must say, I just about fell to the floor from shock when I seen the 'Out of Pocket Cost" for this up coming year. The out of pocket cost has increased from $4000,00 to $7550.00. All I could think, was I hope Trump, the GOP Clowns and his supporters are very happy with that increase, as I'm not. And all you people on Medicare should not be happy either. Yes I blame Trump because of the funding cuts he has made to the Medicare and the Medicaid programs. Those cuts along with his disrupting of the Obamacare bill has now caused increases for those of who have coverage. Because of the change many changes by Trump in the ACA bill, not people being required to have health insurance, we once again pay higher cost to cover those without health care insurance. So yes I blame Trump and the GOP Thugs in congress for that the bills they are passing, and I also blame those who was and still are supporting Trump and the GOP. I am sure all those average citizens who earned an average wage during their working years and had no pension plan, other than the small amount they may have saved over those years are wondering how they would pay that out of pocket cost of $7550.00, if an serious illness like covid19, cancer, or a heart attack should occur in 2021. Wakeup America The elderly just got it put to them big time. Do you still think Trump is working in your best interest? Think again.

James Hershberger


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