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On September 2nd, Raven’s QB Robert Griffin lll was fully cleared to suit up in the Ravens first game vs the Dolphins. Ravens coach John Harbaugh placed Robert Griffin as backup QB behind Lamar Jackson, leaving Penn State rookie Trace McSorley as 3rd string. Obviously both QBs are out of the question for starter. But is Robert Griffin the right choice for backup QB or would Trace be a better decision?

Robert Griffin lll signed with the Ravens in 2018 for a 1 year contract. He was 3rd string QB behind Joe Flacco and Lamar Jackson. Later he resigned with the Ravens on a 2 year contract. Griffin was drafted 2nd overall in the 2012 draft. Griffin has been in the league for 5 years with a total of 9004 yards and 42 Touchdowns.

Robert Griffin lll would make a good choice as backup and to be behind center occasionally during a game.

Trace McSorley is a rookie QB out of Penn State. He lead Penn State to 3 bowl games in his 3 years as starting QB. He had 9899 yards and 77 touchdowns in his 4 year college career. He also had a 144.5 passer rating. Trace McSorley was drafted round 6 pick 197. Keep in mind that Tom Brady was drafted round 6 pick 199 in 2000,only 2 picks away from McSorley.

Trace McSorley makes a strong argument for backup, as a young QB and the same throw — run technique as Lamar Jackson which means not much change in the playbook. True, Robert Griffin can also run, but McSorley could make a bigger impact in rushing because he is well known as a running quarterback.

If you compare Robert Griffin’s 3 starting college seasons (not counting injured season) to Trace McSorley’s 3, the results are close in some categories but Robert Griffin ends up ahead. Trace McSorley had 75 TDS while Robert Griffin had 74. Trace had 30 rushing TDS while Griffin had 31. Both players are tied in total TDS with 105. Griffin has better accuracy with only 17 int. and Trace with 25. McSorley has led Penn State to more bowl games (3) than Robert Griffin in Baylor (2). Overall, both players had near the same stats. But remember that Robert Griffin also won the Heisman in his career at Baylor, even though Trace has more passing touchdowns than him.

Trace McSorley performed great in the Ravens preseason, leading the team to a perfect 4-0. He had 4 touchdowns, including a great 203 yard, 2 touchdown performance. He also had 2 int, but both were in the first two games of the preseason, showing improvement in the last two games. Trace McSorley is 7th in passing yards in the preseason and tied for 2nd in touchdowns.

Both players would be a good backup QB, but with the season coming to a start, who do you think should have the backup position, Robert Griffin lll or Trace McSorley?

Greyson Miller, 12


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