Editor, Gazette:

I wasn't going to respond to Robert Wyks letter but had to because of the misinformation in it. Point by point,to start it has nothing to do with being unwilling to convict, if there is no crime you CAN'T convict. In the Russia collusion hearings there was no proof in fact Mueller's report found no collusion with the Trump campaign. In the impeachment hearings again NO first hand testimony , it was all proven to be second hand testimony along with assumptions as stated in the hearings and you can't be convicted on hearsay. The President of Ukraine said no pressure. The only Quid Quo Pro was Biden " if you don't fire him you ain't getting the money". I didn't call anybody names I was referring to republicans that are Republican In Name Only which is what they are! As far as Bidens tax plan billionaire's will pay accountants and lawyers to hide or move their money and the tax burden will fall on us along with energy costs and increased taxes on businesses will be passed on to the consumer I agree that eventually we will need to have other sources of energy but you can't put an end date on it as technology advances we will get there. Just look at California with the rolling blackouts etc. On Bidens website it states the green new deal is the foundation for his plan if that's not endorsing it I don't know what is. AOC and Bernie along with Harris have said they WILL pull him further left than any President. The fact that Biden put these admitted socialist's on his advisory team shows you what direction this country will head. As far as 'assured' aka socialized healthcare, ask Canadian's what they think about it. The wealthy Canadians come to the U.S. for procedures instead of waiting months in Canada. My parents traveled to Canada and learned this first hand AS far as the spying on Trump's Presidency you cited OLD news from 2019 and May. An FBI agent pled guilty of falsifying documents that led to the warrant's, there is info coming out of the senate hearings along with personal notes released that show not only did Obama and Biden knew about it but were part of it.the truth about the Democrat parties corruption is coming out! It's not a slip of the tongue when they both say it and dont correct themselves. Finally the Scandinavian models are very different Cuba,Venezuela etc.They recognize that nothing is free and has to be paid for by someone and embrace capitalist economies unlike Bernie and AOC.Nothing in Mr. Wyk's letter is updated news but is full of Democrat talking points and CNN, MSNBC FAKE NEWS propaganda

Harold Pope


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Smart people don't need to read these opinionated letter being posted by people from both sides. Those who believe in the lies and support Trump are not going to change their view on him over something that is told or proven to them. The same goes for Biden and his supporters So for those of you who have not made up your mind on who to vote for, I say this. Just watch the campaign ads being posted on the television by both candidates, and while you are watching and listening to those ads, keep in mind this one questions, which candidates America do I want to leave for my children and grandchildren to grow up in. Which candidate would I want my children or grandchildren to be like and follow in their footsteps in life. The choice you make on that November ballot can be a life changing situation for your children and grandchildren for many years to come. That is why a I'm voting a straight Blue Ticket this time. I'm not voting for me or for Trump, I'm voting for the future of my loved ones.

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