Editor, Gazette:

I don’t care.

I don’t care (IDC) that Trump didn’t confront Putin about Russia’s bounty on American soldiers. Of course if Obama/Hillary had done that, I would have gone absolutely berserk. (You can apply this to all the rest).

IDC that Trump pulled our troops out from under the Kurds, our only real allies in the Middle East, to please Turkey’s Erdogan and protect his towers in Istanbul.

IDC that Trump called soldiers “Suckers and losers” and said at Arlington National Cemetery, “I don’t get it, what was in it for them?”

IDC that Trump’s Generals have all left his administration and called him “a (expletive) idiot”. He’s a stable genius, just ask him.

IDC that in 2017 Trump paid $750 in Federal Income Taxes ($12,000 less than I did), while as tax payers we paid $45 million for him to play golf.

IDC that Trump owes $400 million to someone, who knows who, Russian Oligarchs, Erdogan, doesn’t matter, I still believe that he will place the country’s good before his own, (cough).

IDC that Trump can’t control himself during a 90 minute debate or obey rules he agreed to. As a bully, it was an attempt to get Biden, a lifelong stutterer to lose it and look weak. Shame all that yelling didn’t work.

IDC that more than twice as many people have died of Covid-19 as have died in Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq and Afghanistan in only the last half year, if Trump can get it, how bad can it be? Well other than the 215,000 dead.

IDC that Trump’s White House has more Covid cases than all of Taiwan, a country of 24 million. I mean what should he have done? Masks, contract tracing, universal testing? Give me a break.

IDC that the Evangelicals love trump even though there is nothing about him that vaguely resembles Jesus. Actually, it might be accurate to call him the Anti-Jesus, but if he appoints judges that get rid of Roe v. Wade, we are good. Abortions are the only thing REAL Christians care about, it is how we separate ourselves from unbelievers/heathens, who keep talking about helping the poor, the sick, those in prison, strangers and the downtrodden, and I don’t care if that is what Jesus preached.

IDC if Jesus, and for that matter the entire Bible, never mentions abortions, it is the only thing REAL CHRISTIANS care about.

IDC if the west is on fire and the south is under water, just as Global Warming predicted. We must stay with the fuel of the 18th century because there are obscenely wealthy people who desperately need more money by pumping pollution into the atmosphere. Why should we invest in the energy of the future as every other country is doing when needy billionaires crave being richer?

IDC, well, you know about everything. I could go on for dozens of pages and you know all of them. Every week for 4 years we have things that would have exploded my mind if it had been Hillary, but now I don’t care. I don’t care, I really don’t care as long as Trump hates the same people I do, I’m good.

Murray Schrotenboer


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