Editor, Gazette:

Citizens of Bedford County, we enjoy our beautiful land that we have been granted by God. In the past two years my daughter and I have made a quest to make our neighborhood cleaner by pickup up the trash along Lutzville Road. Another area that we maintain is along the Bedford Hospital, where we collected 4 gallon buckets of trash. At our historic Bedford County Court House there are cigarette butts littered around the building. Cigarette butts take 10-12 years to decompose. The majority of the trash that we find is aluminum cans and glass beer bottles; instead of throwing these out of your car or in your trash take the time to recycle and save your earth. There are several places to take your recycling including: Everett, Clearville, Bedford and Miller's Quality Recycling.

With the amount of aluminum cans that are being thrown away in America we could rebuild the entire commercial air fleet. These cans can take 80-200 yeas to decompose in landfills. Glass is made of sand, if we could find a way to break it down we could produce new glass. If glass bottles are thrown into the landfill it takes a million years to decompose. The plastic bags our groceries come in could be reused for trash bags, or taken to a grocery store to recycle. Plastic bags take 10-20 years to decompose, while plastic bottles take 450 years. So please, Bedford County, when you see a piece of trash do the bend and reach exercise and dispose of it properly. Every day is Earth Day. By the way, the mice said thank you for all the face masks they are finding on the ground; they are using them for hammocks in the summer. 

Sarah Garcia

U.S. Army Retired


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