Editor, Gazette:

Regarding the recent incidents in Schellsburg and downtown Bedford with the BLM march to DC, the thought occurred to me: what if the group from Milwaukee was actually marching to DC to help raise money for breast cancer research or for St. Jude's Hospital for Children? Or just about anything but BLM. Would we have had the friction and fear that occurred?

Think about it. I have, and to me it indicates the extent of subtle racial discrimination that exists all over this country. I suspect that every single Bedford person involved would deny any racial prejudice at all. But I think we all have some — it's what we grew up with, it's ingrained in us, and it's everywhere. And it's something we need to work hard to grow out of.

Very sad to see the McCloskeys invited to speak at the Republican Convention. This is the St. Louis couple who face felony charges for pointing guns at a peaceful group of BLM protesters in front of their house, and somehow managed to transform this to claim that Biden would not take action to prevent honest citizens from these 'criminals'. And now Trump insists on visiting Kenosha, despite local government insistence that he NOT visit, knowing that he may well create vastly more disturbance there. Trump is hoping for that, let's face it — increase the fear and racial prejudice. I hope you join me in blaming him for any deaths that may occur there as a result of his visit.

Robert Corrigan


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