Editor, Gazette:

Not so long ago, permanent residence in the United States was granted to citizens who were born here or to legal immigrants, later naturalized citizens, who vowed to make our nation a better place. In the 19th and 20th centuries millions of people, who were vetted for contagious disease and former criminality, entered our country legally bringing a strong back or mind and a burning ambition to contribute. This is what made our nation strong and diverse. The Socialists who now occupy Washington are eager to have anyone enter without restriction, provided they keep the Socialists in power.

I feel it is an outrage that hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who are pouring through our Southern border unmolested while at the same moment, educated and/or ambitious Europeans, Africans or Asians jump through all of the hoops to become a legal member of our community. This paradox is a classic example of selective enforcement. It used to be what’s in it for us? Now, it’s what’s in it for them? While the suckers like us just pay, pay and pay.

Lloyd Bankson Roach


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