Editor, Gazette:

I am a 23-year-old girl and as I was sitting here this lovely evening in Bedford County, a thought came to me. I sure hope my parents don’t decide that they don’t want me anymore!

I hear the news and realize more and more how evil people/America is getting. Trying to kill innocent babies, who have no choice in the matter. I have people in my life that could never experience having children of their own and then we have idiots today who choose to kill their babies during pregnancy, and now even want to kill them after birth. Yes I said kill. That’s what it is.

Back to my first statement, if my parents would choose to do away with me now they would be put in prison for the rest of their lives. Also, if a woman is on her way to have a abortion/kill her baby and a drunk driver hits her, he will get it for double homicide and serve years in prison even though that woman was going to kill her baby....hmm wonder why all the doctors, mothers, and fathers who are doing this aren’t being put in jail.

It amazes me how all liberals want to ban guns, and all the killings and murders that are going on, and there isn’t one gun involved. Are we going to ban needles, scissors and anything else involved in abortions too? We are sick!

We have a wonderful president who is trying to do a good job, but yet again evil people run him down and tell lies!! What is happening I ask to America and then the thought comes to me we have removed Jesus Christ out of everything. Then I realize maybe that’s why we have such horrible things happening in America. We not only want abortions, we now want to let a baby be born and then kill that precious miracle from God. We see more and more killings all the time.

America needs to pray and have a mighty revival. We are in sad shape. We need to get back to God and maybe He will help us get America back to one nation under God. To all the people who believe abortion is okay, God will have his judgment on you someday! You may think it’s all okay now, but it won’t be then.

Kristen N. Dicken

Linette L. Dicken

New Paris

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