Editor, Gazette:

This year, I was fortunate enough to be in attendance at the annual Bedford High School musical production entitled, “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown,” held in the BHS auditorium.

The musical was based on the classic Charles Schultz comic strip, “Peanuts.” I came away very impressed with several facets of this particular production; a) the acting and singing talents of the students who portrayed those iconic “Peanuts” characters; b) the overall choreography and dancing skills demonstrated throughout the show, of all involved in the production; c) the quality of the sound technology (even this old guy could understand most of the dialogue, which is huge); d) the piano work and direction of Bedford High School music teacher and choral director Carrie Leap, along with her assistant, Rodney Berkey, was fantastic!

I couldn’t help but reflect on the rich history of Bedford high school musicals down through the decades. I’m old enough to remember Arch Stewart and his early musical productions. When Arch retired, Bedford hired a lovely young music teacher named Linda Pontius, who was soon faced with the “daunting task” of carrying on the first-rate choral productions that Mr. Stewart had instituted. Ms. Pontius (soon to become Mrs. Barry Foor) not only carried on the great choral musical tradition of BHS, but even took the productions to another level, adding her own “unique touch” to each one.

Now, since Mrs. Foor retirement, the Bedford Area School Board has obviously made another successful hire to continue to guide the BHS choral program in the right direction.

Caroline Leap, a multi-talented musician in her own right, has already demonstrated the ability to inspire her students, and enable them to expand their musical horizons and polish their own innate skills and talents to the degree that I was able to see, hear and enjoy last Saturday night in the BHS auditorium.

Again, I say, “kudos” to everyone involved in the heartwarming “family-friendly” outstanding production. Keep up the good work!

John Topper


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