In a span of nearly nine minutes, George Floyd, arrested for allegedly using a forged $20 bill was suffocated to death by a police officer. According to the WSJ, the officer had 18 previous complaints filed against him resulting in only two letters of reprimand.

Where was the investigation on how he was allowed to continue? Where is vice president contender Amy Klobuchar?

This officer obviously had a documented history of issues and not dismissing him has city leaders sharing some responsibility, but that doesn’t fit the leftist agenda.

Such reprehensible conduct does not justify the ensuing nationwide rioting and looting that followed and put the kibosh on social distancing with no one claiming to be positive for COVID-19. The rioters were so outraged they stole flat screen TV’s, clothing and whatever else that was available.

Who knew the cure was good, old fashioned rioting, but with face masks, naturally.

Rioting is acceptable provided we don’t do something truly outrageous like assemble to pray, go to a gym or get a haircut.

Initially, people were united in their disgust over Floyd’s death, until the protest turned violent and changed the account to the consequences of lawless violence where prejudice and anarchy reigns.

The Lincoln and World War II memorials were defaced with graffiti as was New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has advised that looting will be restricted to 50 vandals per business. Society would be better off if folks would just continue to shelter in place and riot from their basements.

Most of those involved in the violence and their allies in the national media could care less about the groundless death of Floyd. In a striking contrast, it is a good bet that nearly all of those involved in the violence know absolutely nothing of the unjustifiable death that occurred just four days later of another black man, Dave Underwood.

Underwood served as an officer in the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Protective Service and was gunned down as he guarded the U.S. Courthouse in Oakland, Calif. According to the FBI, Underwood was killed by an unidentified person shooting from a car.

Where is the outrage over Underwood’s unprovoked assassination?

Underwood did not commit a felony, did not have meth and fentanyl in his system, and did not resist arrest. Seems some black lives are more important than others as Underwood’s death is treated as collateral damage.

A similar scenario occurred years ago in Staten Island, when a black NYPD undercover cop was gunned down by black illegal arms dealers. Al Sharpton disregarded his murder while stirring up civil unrest over a criminal who was killed where the NYPD was found to have appropriately utilized deadly force.

Underwood’s death and the many like it, fails to promote the leftist narrative about American race relations. According to the CDC, police killings of blacks declined 80 percent from the late ‘60s through the 2010s, while police killings of whites have flat-lined. Statistically, someone black has a 30-1 chance of being killed by another black, as opposed to a police officer regardless of their race.

Why confuse matters with the facts?

It serves the leftist manifesto to keep the waters of truth muddy with distortion, while making sure black folks believe they are purposely being targeted.

Underwood died serving a cause much greater than him, so that even those who murdered him would still retain the right of due process. Such heroism is dismissed and outright ignored especially throughout the media.

The most abused power of the media is their willful disregard of such worthy news stories. Poor and malicious journalism only invites ignorance, hatred and prejudice. Yet news’ organizations wonder why readership is sinking faster than the Titanic.

Such hypocrisy by the mainstream media, their political allies, and the self-righteous who believe they are the arbiters of injustice only further divides the nation.

Democrats’ failure to use proven policing tactics to stop the mayhem is about not turning on their voter base.

They are complicit in trashing their own cities and harming the very people they claim to represent.

When does the first Democratic mayor resign out of sheer incompetence for letting their cities be looted and burned?

Much progress has been made in providing all Americans a voice.

America is still the light among the world’s nations, but that light is flickering when we willfully choose to ignore the reality of what is transpiring within our republic.

Greg Maresca is a longtime columnist from Northumberland County.

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