As hectic as the holidays are and as much as many find that the time span from Thanksgiving to Christmas leaves them totally exhausted, it’s hard to deny that Christmas does bring out good in people unlike any other time of the year.

In the Good News edition, the staff has told just a small handful of the tales of the benevolence of area residents.

A group of five local women led an effort to make sure some children received presents under their tree and hundreds of nursing home residents received Christmas cards.

Lydia Barton, 10, of New Enterprise, who is a fifth grader at Northern Bedford County Elementary, started a project to provide blankets for homeless women and children. She collected money and while checking out a large order of blankets at Sam’s Club, someone else asked her why she was buying so many blankets. After she explained it, the woman simply gave her $40 to go back in the store and buy more.

It’s a time to celebrate family and friends, not that we don’t do it through the year. But, maybe we get to do it in a different fashion at Christmas by exchanging small presents, enjoying a special meal together, watching holiday movies, or listening to “White Christmas” or “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” for the umpteenth time over a family gathering.

Christmas in the Mike and Amy Boyer household in Claysburg will be especially awesome this year because the couple and five siblings they had been raising in foster care became a family after the completion of the adoption process just last week.

These are just three stories we covered in this year’s Good News edition.

There are many more uplifting stories out there of people — maybe you — who donated money or food or something without anyone knowing where the good deed came from. You paid a bill, you left a gift at a doorstep, or did some other “Secret Santa” deed.

Maybe you have visited or plan to visit neighbors who need a bright smile at this time of the year when it’s easy to get down.

Whatever you did, it enriched someone’s life or maybe it enriched your own.

It’s a joyous season but for some, it’s painful as they have to bear Christmas without a loved one they’ve recently lost or someone serving overseas in the military. These friends need an extra hug or smile.

Yes, Christmas can be a madhouse, but hopefully we gather together and make it a time to remember fondly.

We hope you enjoy today’s edition — Santa letters are always a favorite — as you eat, drink and gather together.

Remember to be kind to your pets this season — and all seasons — and we hope you have a great Christmas.

Contact Elizabeth Coyle at; 623-1151, ext. 105.

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