Xavier Logsdon


An inmate at the Bedford County Correctional Facility has allegedly assaulted correctional officers four separate times since he was arrested on armed robbery charges in July.

Xavier M. Logsdon, 20, of Elyria, Ohio, on Wednesday was charged with felony counts of aggravated assault in two separate cases after he allegedly spit and threw urine on a correctional officer in separate incidents this month.

The charges follow two other cases of previously filed against Logsdon for allegedly assaulting officers at the jail in July and August.

Warden Troy Nelson, in an email Friday, said there are no plans to relocate Logsdon to another facility.

“Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence in jail settings,” he said.

Logsdon has been incarcerated at the jail since he was arrested July 11 for allegedly robbing a man at gunpoint in Breezewood. State police said Logsdon stole a vehicle in Altoona early that morning, drove it to Saxton Outdoor Supply, where he stole a handgun. He then fled to Breezewood, where he allegedly used the gun to steal a Mercedes-Benz SUV from a man at a gas station. He was arrested after leading police on a chase through parts of Fulton and Huntingdon counties, according to court documents.

Logsdon had numerous felonies filed against him in the case, including robbery, robbery of a motor vehicle, aggravated assault, receiving stolen property, theft, retail theft and firearms not to be carried without a license, as well as multiple misdemeanors.

He had charges of aggravated harassment by prison filed July 27 after he allegedly threw urine on a correctional officer at the jail four days prior, according to a criminal complaint filed by state police.

On Aug. 14, Logsdon was charged with aggravated assault after he allegedly struck a correctional officer multiple times with a closed fist inside his cell, according to court documents. The officer suffered injuries to his head and arm.

The charges filed Wednesday stem from incidents at the jail this month.

One case, which also includes charges of assault by prisoner, aggravated harassment by prisoner, simple assault and disorderly conduct, was filed after Logsdon allegedly threw a cup of urine on a correctional officer at the jail on Sept. 20.

The officer reported to police that he was handing forms to Logsdon in his cell when Logsdon threw a cup of urine on him, according to court documents.

The other case stems from a Sept. 7 incident when Logsdon allegedly spit in the face of a correctional officer, according to court documents.

Preliminary hearings for the first three cases filed against Logsdon are scheduled for Oct. 21. Hearings for the latest two cases have not yet been scheduled.

Bail in the robbery case was set at $200,000 straight. Bail in the second and third cases filed against him was set at $50,000 and $100,000 respectively.

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